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Posted 12/28/2017
Positions to be Filled
There is an open council seat due to the death of Regan Strausbaugh.  Anyone interested should submit a letter of interest to the Borough Office.  In order to be qualified for the position, you must be at least 18 years old, and have been a Borough resident for at least one year.  Because Mr. Strausbaugh was a Republican, we can only appoint a Republican to his seat.  The term would be for a two year period.  After the two year period the appointed Council member would have to run for election.

We are also looking to appoint someone to the Zoning Hearing board.  The Zoning Hearing Board only meets as needed to make a determination on special exceptions requested by property owners.  This is a three year term.

We are also looking to appoint someone to the Water Authority, this is also a three year term.